The Cobb, Lyme Regis 10 x 15 Acrylic print

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The Cobb, Lyme Regis. 10 x 15 inch acrylic print.

The Cobb, the old harbour wall in Lyme Regis, dates back to at least 1328. Lying just within the Dorset border, a stone's throw from Devon, the Cobb is first became famous through Jane Austin's novel Persuasion. More recently it featured in the film The French Lieutenant's Woman, where Meryl Streep memorably walked to the end of the Cobb (although there are rumours it was a stunt double in a cloak). The Cobb has also been a significant part of my life. for over 30 years I have conducted many hundreds of dives and trips on commercial fishing boats leaving from, and returning to, the Cobb. So I know each step, each small cafe and the surrounding waters very well. The Cobb is a drying harbour. At low tide, boats moored within the harbour sit on exposed sand. This limits the use of the harbour to smaller vessels. Only for a short time either side of high tide can boats enter of leave. I took this photograph in the summer of 2013. It had been a cool, blustery afternoon, and there was clearly a storm brewing as the sky was growing very dark. I had been hunting for fossils along the beach earlier with my son, and we were now enjoying coffee and chips on the harbour's edge before returning home.

Acrylic Facemount prints

So what are acrylic facemount prints you may ask, and why should I chose them? Acrylic prints are, I’m sure this won’t surprise you, prints create in or on sheets of acrylic. It’s a relatively new technique and has a number of advantages over traditional techniques such as printing on canvas. The colours tend to be more vibrant and the details razor-sharp. Canvas colours can be a little more muted and the detail not quite as sharp simply due to the nature of the medium. Acrylic prints also have much better longevity than canvas or metal prints, and the image is protected by a layer of acrylic, which protects the sensitive dyes from most of the UV light which otherwise would cause them to fade.

Not all acrylic prints are the same

Acrylic prints can be direct printed or facemount printed. Direct printing is is easier and cheaper. However, it does not have the same colour accuracy, longevity or sharpness as facemount printing. With facemount printing the image is printed on to quality photographic paper – the best medium for faithful reproduction of photographic images. This is is then fixed to a dibond (or similar backing) and face-mounted directly onto a thin layer of acrylic, so that it is sandwiched between the two. The refraction of light through the acrylic helps give added luminosity to the image. I have chosen to have my prints created in one of the best (in my opinion) high end art print shops in the UK. This does not make them the cheapest, but it does reflect the quality.

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