Swan at sunset 16 x 24 Canvas wrap

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Swan at sunset. 16 x 24 inch canvas wrap.

The scene

In photography, the time just after sunrise, and just before sunset, is known as the 'golden hour'. This is the time when the light is softer, and warmer, and the sun low in the sky making subject stand out. Sometimes it can create a truly golden effect. I took this photograph just minutes before sunset, on the River Exe in Devon, standing on Cricklepit suspension bridge and looking out across the river. The flocks of mute swans that gather on the river, in the centre of the city of Exeter are famous. Swans nest all along the river bank right in the centre of town, sometimes causing city authorities to cordon off parts of footpaths to protect nests. This particular swan was gliding slowly upstream; southwest in to the setting sun. The low sun reflecting off the rippled water turned the surface into liquid gold, simultaneously silhouetting the swan. Some shots you needs to travel hard, trekking miles and waiting in cold wet conditions, to have a chance of getting. Others happen right before you, you just have to be ready to capture the moment. I took this photograph in early February, 2012. In the intervening years I've seen hundreds of sunsets over the River Exe, but I've never got a shot like this one again.

The Prints

these are sharp, detailed canvas prints that last 100 years without fading. Printed onto bright 400gsm cotton, hand-stretched on heavy-duty 4cm-deep stretchers, your photos & art look compelling. Ready to hang.

Printed, using the giclée method, and advanced large-format printers print at 1440 dpi using a 10-colour pigment ink system, for smooth graduations, less bronzing, and an impressive colour range. The canvas used is tight-weave bright white 400gsm cotton canvas with a uniform, non-cracking surface. Prints are hand-stretched onto heavy duty 38mm-deep knotless solid kiln-dried fir stretcher bars from sustainable sources in Europe. Prints come with built-in corner wedges that make it easy to tighten the canvas. They arrive ready to hang, backed with brown framing tape and a flat hanging system that keeps your canvas lying perfectly against the wall.

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