Schooling pygmy (glass) sweepers, Andaman Sea 12 x 24 giclee print

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Schooling pygmy (glass) sweepers, Andaman Sea . 12 x 24 inch giclee fine art print.

I took this photograph of a school of pygmy sweepers (also known as glass sweepers) whilst diving in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Southern Thailand. They are known as glass sweepers because their bodies are mostly transparent, the skeletal structure can be seen through their skin and muscle. They sweep past in graceful flowing schools, hence the second part of their name. Black and white images of coral reefs are rarely attempted; one tends to naturally focus on the colourful nature of the corals and the associated fish. I chose to remove the colour in order to allow one's eyes to appreciate the detailed structure of each fish, and the flashing patterns of fish sweeping past the dark shade of a coral overhang.

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