Reflections, Turf Lock. 16 x 24 Canvas wrap

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Reflections, Turf Lock. 16 x 24 inch canvas wrap.

Photography has been described as painting with light, and that is pretty much how I see it. No more so than when capturing moody skies reflected on still water. This is the Exeter Canal basin by Turf Lock, where yachts moor having just entered the canal from the estuary, or whilst waiting to leave. I took this photograph take one afternoon about ten years ago. The water was still, but dark clouds were gathering ominously. I positioned myself on the far bank, as low and near the water's edge as possible to the this shot. Sometimes, if you are lucky and patient, everything aligns just right. I shot this image on Fuji Velvia 100. Velvia has long been my favourite film for landscape photography due to its rich colours and fine detail. The camera was a Nikon F4, (one of Nikon's finest pieces of engineering in my opinion) and 20mm Nikon lens. Being film image, it shows grain in the image rather than sharp pixels.

The Print

Sharp, detailed canvas prints that last 100 years without fading. Printed onto bright 400gsm cotton, hand-stretched on heavy-duty 4cm-deep stretchers, your photos & art look compelling. Ready to hang.

Printed, using the giclée method, and advanced large-format printers print at 1440 dpi using a 10-colour pigment ink system, for smooth graduations, less bronzing, and an impressive colour range. The canvas used is tight-weave bright white 400gsm cotton canvas with a uniform, non-cracking surface. Prints are hand-stretched onto heavy duty 38mm-deep knotless solid kiln-dried fir stretcher bars from sustainable sources in Europe. Prints come with built-in corner wedges that make it easy to tighten the canvas. They arrive ready to hang, backed with brown framing tape and a flat hanging system that keeps your canvas lying perfectly against the wall.

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