Pacific Harbour Lagoon at Dawn, Fiji. 16 x 24 giclee print

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Pacific Harbour Lagoon at dawn, Fiji. 16 x 24 inch giclee fine art print.

I took this photograph in May, 2014. I was preparing for a tiger shark dive that day and woke well before dawn. Unable to sleep, I dressed and went for a walk in the pre-dawn twilight. I automatically grabbed a camera, but it was more about enjoying the early morning and having a camera with me, just in case. As I stood at the water's edge, watching mudskippers and fiddler crabs feeding on the soft mud, I could also see the sky change. The sky above me lightened to a deep cyan, while just above the silhouetted mangroves and palms it turned deep burned orange while whispy clouds stood out deep gunmetal blue. And all this was reflected in the still lagoon waters. I took shot after shot. Every minute the sky would look quite different from the previous. Back then digital SLRs did not have the electronics to to produce noise free images at high ISOs, so I was shooting at ISO 125 to keep the images clean and faithful. To compensate in the low light I was shooting with the lens wide open at a 50th of a second, stabilising myself against a tree. I remained there for what seemed like an hour but was in fact no more than 20 minutes; the sun comes up fast in the tropics. As the sun cleared the trees I headed back to my room and the breakfast.

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