La Jolla Canyon. 16 x 24 Canvas wrap

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La Jolla Canyon. 16 x 24 inch canvas wrap.

This photograph was taken by me during a visit to Southern California in 2001. La Jolla Canyon is a submarine canyon that starts in La Jolla Bay, near San Diego. A few hundred metres offshore, the seabed starts to descend rapidly, reaching a maximum depth of 180 metres. In the sediment slopes of the canyon live many species not encountered at shallower depths.
This picture shows a cluster of tube anemones, Pachycerianthis fimbriatus, forming a canopy rather like a miniature woodland at around 30 metres depth. Divers familiar with Scottish sea lochs or Norwegian fjords will recognise the similarity to our own fireworks anemone, Pachycerianthus multiplicatus. Scavenging bat stars ( Patiria miniata, formerly Asterias miniata) meander between anemone columns. I took this photograph almost two decades ago (end of 2001) using a Nikonos V camera, 15mm lens and single SB102 flash on manual, with homemade diffuser. The film was Fuji Velvia 50 slide, which I then developed at home. The slide was scanned, using a dedicated Minolta slide scanner, to produce a 35.5 megapixel image.

The Print

Sharp, detailed canvas prints that last 100 years without fading. Printed onto bright 400gsm cotton, hand-stretched on heavy-duty 4cm-deep stretchers, your photos & art look compelling. Ready to hang.

Printed, using the giclée method, and advanced large-format printers print at 1440 dpi using a 10-colour pigment ink system, for smooth graduations, less bronzing, and an impressive colour range. The canvas used is tight-weave bright white 400gsm cotton canvas with a uniform, non-cracking surface. Prints are hand-stretched onto heavy duty 38mm-deep knotless solid kiln-dried fir stretcher bars from sustainable sources in Europe. Prints come with built-in corner wedges that make it easy to tighten the canvas. They arrive ready to hang, backed with brown framing tape and a flat hanging system that keeps your canvas lying perfectly against the wall.

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