Great White Shark. 40 x 22 inch Canvas wrap print

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Great White Shark. 40 x 22 inch canvas wrap print.

I took this photograph of a great white shark around 15 years ago, off the coast of Mexico. It was shot on film, on a Nikonos V camera with a 15mm lens. These were simple cameras but the lens quality was superb. Shot on Fuji Velvia 100 iso slide film, this is a colour image I have converted to black and white. As a film image it is important to note that this does not produce the razor-sharp, clean edges of modern digital cameras. On close inspection the film grain is clearly visible. It is, and looks like, a film image, and that is how it is intended. This look appeals to many, but not all. Having worked with film for many decades, I have great fondness for such images, and the 'filmic look'.

The leisurely, almost serene, way a great white swims for most of the time belies the sudden, explosive speed they can turn on without warning. An apex predator, they are a vital part of the ocean's food chain.

The Print

These are sharp, detailed canvas prints created to last around 100 years without fading. They are printed onto bright 400gsm cotton, hand-stretched on heavy-duty 4cm-deep stretchers. They arrive ready to hang.

My canvas prints are produced using the giclée method, and advanced large-format printers print at 1440 dpi using a 10-colour pigment ink system, for smooth graduations, less bronzing, and an impressive colour range. The canvas used is tight-weave bright white 400gsm cotton canvas with a uniform, non-cracking surface. Prints are hand-stretched onto heavy duty 38mm-deep knotless solid kiln-dried fir stretcher bars from sustainable sources in Europe. Prints come with built-in corner wedges that make it easy to tighten the canvas. They arrive ready to hang, backed with brown framing tape and a flat hanging system that keeps your canvas lying perfectly against the wall.

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