Common seals playing 10x15 acrylic

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Common seals playing. 10 x15 inch 2mm acrylic facemount print.

A pair of common seals (aka harbour or harbor seals) play on rocks, Shiant Islands, Hebrides, West Scotland. Seals remind me so much of dogs, curious and playful like half grown labradors. I've passed this particular rocky outcrop many times. It almost always has seals on it. At high water, when the rocks disappear, they will be in the water around you, but popping up to check you out, then diving down and swimming underneath to check you out from a different angle. I was once returning to shore at the end of a long dive, feeling pretty tired. I got slower and slower, and at first thought the current must have picked up and I was swimming against. It felt like I was dragging rocks behind me. Eventually I turned around, to find a seal was holding the end of my fin in its jaws, and very gently pulling me backwards. I could almost see it grinning at its own joke.

The Shiant Islands are one of my favourite locations in Scotland, in fact one of my favourite in the World. Rugged, uninhabited and teeming with wildlife, they are one of the lesser known jewels in the Atlantic Ocean.

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