Acrylic Prints of Papua New Guinea

I've been very fortunate to have visited Papua New Guinea quite a few times over the past four years or so. It is a stunningly beautiful and diverse country, populated by some of the friendliest people I know. I've been spending time recently sorting through my images from PNG, and selecting my favourites to be reproduced as 2mm acrylic facemount prints.

About Acrylic Facemount Prints.

I've chosen for acrylic facemount as it makes for vibrant colours and razor sharp detail, plus it has excellent longevity characteristics and resistance to colour fade. Acrylic prints and generally more expensive than say, metal prints, but give better colour accuracy and permanence. Creating facemount prints is a trickier (and more expensive) process than standard acrylic prints, but it does produce the best results. The photographs are printed on to photographic paper, the best medium for sharp and colour accurate reproductions, and then sandwiched behind a thin sheet of acrylic. This acrylic sheet adds a luminance to the image by refracting the light under good lighting conditions. Plus, of course, the image is protected behind a thin sheet of acrylic.

Wall mounting.

Each image comes a metal backing fitting for easy wall hanging.

Giving back.

I've thought about this for quite a while. It goes without saying that these images would simply not be possible without the subjects, the med, women, boys and girls or PNG that I have photographed along the way, plus the many more that have helped along the way. It is simply not possible for me to contribute individually to each of them. I've therefore decided that the best thing I can do is to contribute part of the profits from each sale to a charity working with local PNG people to improve health, education and environmental conditions in Papua New Guinea. After quite a bit of research I've decided on the Wantok Support Charity, a UK-based charity who's trustees are a mix of British people with PNG connections and Papua New Guineans, including Papua New Guinea’s High Commissioner in London. In PNG they work to support education, health and climate change relief. More about them can be found on their website For every PNG acrylic print sold, I will give 20% of the profit to Wantok Support.