30 Minute Photography Fundamentals Online

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This is a 30 minute online intro to getting your camera off auto settings

Learn to take control of your camera: understand the basics of how your camera works and take your camera off auto and start taking more creative photographs.

Modern DSLR and Mirrorless cameras are hugely complicated, sophisticated machines, and it can be a daunting experience looking at all the controlsL dials, buttons, wheels, menus, submenus. many of us find it easier to simply leave the camera on auto and press the shutter button. This will give you pretty good images - most of the time - but it's not a satifisfying experience; we're not really creating photographs. But the big problem is, if the photograph doesn't work, what do you adjust? What settings do you change if you want to improve it? In this 30 minute session I will guide you through the photographic principles that apply to every camera, and the fundamental controls that every camera has: what they do, and how we use them. At the end of this 30 minute session (I'm not clock watching btw - if we run over time a little, that's okay) you will understand the basics of what your camera is doing when you take a picture and you will be on your way to taking control and producing the images you want.

Points to note. I can run these online sessions through Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp. You simply need one of these applications on your computer or phone. Timimg. I am currently on UTC (GMT) +07:00. Suitable times can be arranged by mutual agreement.

Payment and Refunds. Payment needs to be made through my online store before the session commences. If for any reason you need to cancel I will issue a full refund provided you give me at least 8 hours notice. If the session does not go ahead for technical reasons or problems on my side, I will either refund or reschedule, whichever is your preference.

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