One to One Photography Tuition Online

I’ve been running one to one photography tuition for quite a few years now. Currently I’m running online one to one tuition Worldwide. Many people find it is the easiest and the faster way for them to learn photography skills. Instruction starts from your current level of understanding. It progresses at the optimal speed for you to learn, and it’s flexible. Sessions can be arranged when you are free. By targetting exactly what you want to learn, and teaching at the correct pace for you, it can also be the most cost effective way to learn. Online photography tuition gives you freedom to learn from your own home, anywhere in the World.

Modern cameras are far more complex than those of the past, with many more controls and options. Not all of us have the time to spend hours pouring over technical articles or years of trial and error fieldwork. Courses are a great way to learn the basics, or to get up to speed on particular aspects of photography. But not all of us learn best in group situations, or have the time to attend classes or workshops at specific times. Sometimes we need personalised help with specific problems. One to one sessions provide exactly that. These can be organised as online personalised tuition at mutually convenient times.

One to One Photography tuition and online photography tuition from Colin Munro Photography Tuition - showing camera settings
Running through the basic controls and settings of a camera

Why learn from me?

Colin Munro Photography

A fair question. I’ve been a photographer over 30 years. I have learned my craft through thousands of hours in the field and thousands more editing images. I’ve worked with everything from completely mechanical underwater film cameras to the latest DSLR and mirrorless cameras. I’ve spent many hundreds of hours learning the underlying principles of modern cameras – so you don’t have to. But more than that, I enjoy teaching. Understanding a skill and teaching a skill are not the same. Teaching is also a craft that needs to be learned, and practiced. I’ve been teaching photography for a little over ten years now. So any questions you have, chances are I’ve been asked them before. Any problems you have, chances are I’ve encountered them before, and can give you a solution. Does that mean I know where all the controls are on your particular camera, and what each one does. Probably not; there are thousands of camera models out there, all slightly different. But the principal controls remain the same. The principal techniques remain the same. And those I can teach you. One to one photography tuition is something I particularly enjoy, as it allows me really work on solving individual problems.

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Gift Vouchers now available

If you’d like to give one of these tuition sessions (or one of my online sessions) as a gift, you can now purchase digital gift cards direct from my store. Simply select a value for the gift card that matches the cost of the session (or a lower one if you would like it to be part payment). Once purchased you will receive an email with simple instructions for the cards use.

Online sessions

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed much about how we all work at the moment. I am still offering my one-to-one sessions, but for the moment they are conducted as online photography tuition. In many ways this adds benefits. You do not need to travel, you can engage from your own home, and you can be anywhere in the World. Currently I am based in Thailand (time zone UTC/GMT +7 see below for more info).

Video Apps we can use to communicate

Currently my preferred options are Zoom . This is a free and easy to install app that works across all platforms, Windows, andriod, Macs, laptops, phones etc. I can also use Whatsapp, but currently that does not easily allow video calls from a laptop, which is potentially a little restrictive.

I’m interested in one to one tuition, how do I go about it?

If you are interested in arranging a one to one photography tuition session, the first step is to contact me, email is usually best, you can email me here. It helps is you provide the following information:

  • Which country/time zone are you in
  • What level of tuition are you looking for, and what (if any) knowledge/experience do you have now?
  • Do you own a digital camera at the moment? If so what make and model?
  • What is your preferred video app for us to communicate?

What are the costs?

Currently I charge £48 for a one hour session and £26 for a 30 minute session. These can be booked directly through my STORE. Please email me to agree a date and time. This needs to be paid in full to secure a booking.

Refund policy

A full refund will be issued if you cancel at least 8 Hours before the agreed time.

If you are interested in booking a one-to-one online session, and would like to know more, you can contact me with any questions using the form below.