Fine art print of a male orca silhouetted at sunset.

Fine art print of a male orca (killer whale) silhouetted at sunset. Colin Munro Photography
Male Orca silhouetted at sunset, New Zealand South Island, East of Stewart Island.

This fine art print of a male orca is one of my favourite photographs of orcas. I took this photograph in mid-November 2019. We were sailing off the coast of New Zealand South Island, travelling north-east from Stewart Island. The sun was almost setting when a large male orca surfaced in front of us. Orca are hugely impressive animals. They have come to symbolise power, intelligence, grace and – sometimes – ferocity. Often known as killer whales, largely due to the way they would attack harpooned baleen whales, or harry and gradually wear down larger whales in a similar fashion to wolves on land, they are in fact large dolphins. I took this photograph a few miles off the coast neat the southern tip of New Zealand South Island. We were sailing from Stewart Island, the small, rugged island to the south of South Island, heading towards the city of Dunedin. It was a perfect evening in mid-November, summer in the southern hemisphere, around 8.30pm. The sun was already almost touching the horizon, creating deep shadows in the troughs of the ripples pushed along by the light breeze. You can read more about this photograph on my blog here.

Sizes available

  • 16 x 10 inches (41 x 27 cm)
  • 24 x 16 inches (61 x 41 cm)
  • 30 x 20 inches (76 x 51 cm)
  • 36 x 20 inches (91 x 51 cm)

The above is intended as a guide. Other sizes and crops can be available, just email me to discuss.

The prints: media and quality

Prints are produced on some of the best archival quality papers available, including Epsom 215gsm Fine Art Cotton, Fujifilm 300gsm Photo Rag and Hahnemühle 290gsm Bamboo Fibre. The choice of paper weight, brand and finish is yours. Inks currently used are Epsom Ultrachrome HD, high optical density pigment dyes. These inks are renowned for their faithful colour reproduction, resitance to humidity and light and longevity (estimated at over 200 years under archival conditions).

Guide prices

As each print is created and delivered to your specifications, these prices are a guide, the exact price will be calculated based on your spcific requirements. A 16 x 10 inch print on Fujifilm Archival quality Photo rag 300 gsm paper, would cost £50 (excluding tax and delivery).

A 30 x 17 inch print on Hahnemühle 290gsm Bamboo Fibre archival paper would cost £100 (ex. tax and delivery).

Print ordering process

This is not like buying an off the shelf print. Each print is designed and order specifically to your requirements. Selecting and ordering your print is a collaborative process. When you have decided on the image you would like, and have an idea of the size you would like, please email me and I can confirm sizes available, crops (if necessary), packaging and delivery options.

Please use the form below to ask any questions about ordering a print and to let me know the size of print and print paper (if you already know) that you are interested in. I don’t need your address at this stage, but it is helpful to know the country you are in, in order to advise of shipping/postage.